Tuesday, April 19, 2011


To All members of OIEWS

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Polling for election of four employees’ representatives to the Governing Body of Oriental Insurance Employees’ Welfare Society will take place in all offices of the company on April 20, 2011.  All India Insurance Employees’ Association (AIIEA) has nominated the following candidates for election.
The major task of such society is to see that it works for the welfare of the members by getting regular inputs and feedback from the beneficiaries.  To extend maximum benefits to the members, a proactive, efficient and effective Governing Body is required.
AIIEA is the vibrant organization of employees in the Insurance Sector and has since entered into the Diamond Jubilee year of its purposeful existence.  During this long period of journey since its formation, AIIEA has proved its mettle on various counts – be it protection of the industry or securing benefits for the entire insurance fraternity.  Very recently we could achieve a Wholesome, Handsome and Outstanding (WHO) wage revision overcoming all the hurdles created by some of the organizations within and outside the industry; all classes of employees were substantially benefitted.  AIIEA had successfully campaigned so as to create confidence in the minds of employees and unite all the organizations to secure an excellent wage deal at par with LIC while some of the organizations tried to sow seeds of diffidence intermittently.
In Oriental, a lot more requires to be done and AIIEA’s strength requires to be improved by wider support.  Of the four PS general insurance companies, we are concerned about Oriental’s sliding in business operations.  The Personnel policy pursued by Oriental is causing resentment among officers and employees affecting the work morale.  It is only in Oriental that TMP is mindlessly implemented year after year while other companies have realized the futility of it;  three companies would ensure retransfer of employees immediately after completion of 3 years stay, but Oriental would delay them longer on the plea of cut-off date;  posting on promotion is done as if a penalty is given making senior employees to decline the hard-earned promotions.   Many more anti-employee measures are pursued by Oriental affecting the morale of employees and thus the business development.  AIIEA’s fight against such policies continues.
Be that as it may, it is widely acknowledged that presence of representatives of AIIEA in staff welfare forums would immensely benefit the employees.  It is for this reason, we have nominated the candidates for election to the Governing Body of OIEWS.  We have sought the support of all the organizations to these candidates.   It is heartening to note that various organizations of Class-I, Class-II and SC/ST Welfare organizations have come forward in support.  We appeal to all the individual members of OIEWS to cast their valid votes in favour of these candidates.   
J. Gurumurthy                                                                                                        

OIEWS election on April 20, 2011
Pl cast your valid votes in favour of AIIEA candidates
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