Wednesday, December 8, 2010

JG Felicitation & Cadaver donation -- More Responses/Appreciation

JG Felicitation & Cadaver donation -- More Responses/Appreciation

* It gives me a great pleasure to note that Com. Gurumurthy has escalated to a very great height by his donation announcement. I am recalling my association with Com. Gurumurthy. I had the opportunity of attending the wedding of Com. Gurumurthy, which is still green in my memory. It is still unbelievable for me to reconcile that Com. Gurumurthy, whom I know as an young boy, has retired from the services of United India Insurance Company.

As a close comrade, I wish him a good health and continued activities as Com. Rajappa does now. 
-- D.R. Srinivasan

* When I learnt Shri J.Gurumurthy is demitting office, I became speechless and started wondering whether it is the same Gurumurthy, Southern head of AIIEA or someone in AIIEA. Really we all will be missing his leadership and guidance.  I personally will be missing his valuable advice and guidance as far as TAC is concerned and briefing on other insurance related matters in general.

Bravo.  What a noble gesture on his part to donate his organs for a very good cause.  More than any thing else he has proved that he is a very good human being.

It is heartening to note that Com.J.Gurumurthy has been re-elected as Joint Secretary of AIIEA & Secretary of Standing Committee.
-- K. Rambabu
TAC / IRDA, Hyderabad

** Mr.Gurumurthy has done the greatest sacrifice a human being can think of.
    Best wishes to him in his new innings
--  G SRINIVASAN, CMD, United India Ins Co Ltd

* Congratulations. your life is a message..
-- Prince Gajendrababu, Educationist

* Tussi Great ho  !!!!
You are a real Murthy of GURU !
All the best .......
-- H I Bhatt, Genl Sec.WZIEA & Jt.Sec.AIIEA, Gandhinagar

** Thanks very much for the excellent documents that graphically highlight the purposeful activities of Com Gurumurthy, which I read with deep appreciation of this stalwart soldier and commander of AIIEA. That I am denied the opportunity to be present for the felicitation function is my illuck. A comrade of this calibre deserves not merely recollection of his services to the insurance employees in the Non-Life sector but should enthuse others to emulate his example so that the great fraternity of AIIEA is always never short of brilliant and efficient personalities like Com Gurumurthy.

I know Gurumurthy and he would be the happiest if somebody from amongst the cadres of AIIEA in Non-Life sector excel him through their services to employees and humanity. Such is his selfless nature and concern for others who are associated with TU and people's movement. This man has inexhaustible energy to be always doing some thing good as well as rewarding to society especially the poor and the deprived sections and so I have no doubt that his retirement from employment only makes him freer to pursue the activities of his choice with redoubled vigour.

Your excellent biographical sketch was informative to me. The sum and substance of your write up is to pin point the fact that without being a qualified lawyer he is a legal luminary directly serviceable to employees and others, without being a qualified Management expert he has managed to acquire the acumen and turn it to the advantage of common people especially employees and the public sector industry, without being a professional he has emerged as somebody who a seasoned professional would point to others as one of the best role models for the art or trade, without being a trained media person by his simplicity and ability to marshall the points, he is now somebody the visual media audience in Tamil Nadu look at with admiration, without being some one who passed the tests of literary heights through universities, he has carved for himself a sublime position as a writer as well as speaker both in Tamil and English. The happiest part of all these achievements is that he never wants to be known by these and always thinks of AIIEA as the one and only school or university that taught and moulded him. That he acknowledges willingly and none else.

The man of such potential should play greater roles and our comrades in Tamil Nadu should strive for that. Before closing this letter I must add that Com Gurumurthy has made Com Sathanam the prouder, for he has brought forth to limelight and use the potentialities ever present in Com Gurumurthy.

I convey my great admiration and regards to Com Gurumurthy.

-- Chidambaram S
Actuary, Trivandrum

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